T H E   S I S T E R   T O T E

This very simple + very beautiful tote is hand woven in jute + cotton in the South of India, in a place called Karnataka.

The Lambani tribe who make these bags are believed to have descended from Roma gypsies of Europe who travelled miles before they settled in Karnataka.

We call this the "SISTER" tote as it takes 6 different villages to create each tote: one village does the weaving, one does the hand embroidered edges

that have been taught to them by their mothers. and their mother's mothers. you get the idea. :-)

 There is quite an endearing way of introducing your friend in India: everyone is your brother + your sister,

no blood relation required. There are currently 450 women in 20 tribal settlements in Bijapur districts doing this fine work.

We are honored to have these totes available, made by these women artisans (our sisters).


lambani woman copy.jpg